Who am I?

It seems like a bit of an existential question, but most of the time I’m not really that deep.
What I am is a woman in my early 30s, which I love by the way. I was looking forward to my 30th for ages, and so far being in my 30s has not disappointed. I’m married, to a wonderful man, and have been for close to 6 years now. No kids yet, but who knows what the future will bring.
We currently live in the south of England, a small town in Hampshire, before that we spent two years in Abu Dhabi, but home will always be Liverpool.
I work in the clothing section of a large supermarket chain, nope retail is not my passion, but I had this idea once that if I had a bit of a brainless job (as in, it’s not hard and you don’t bring your work home with you) I’d manage to get more writing done. Yup, I’m a writer.

No I’m not published, not yet, but I will be. Mainly I write historical romance, set during the English regency, I love that time period. The clothes, the scandal, the intrigue, the elegance, I just can’t get enough. I also dabble in fantasy, supernatural fantasy mostly. It’s an over saturated market though, and I can never seem to come up with anything original enough to put all my time and effort into, mostly I just jot my characters down, keep a list of the plots and story that come with them and hope that one day I’ll find something useful in all that mess.

When not working or writing, or spending time with hubs, I also like to craft, diy, read and watch tv shows which are definitely aimed at an audience younger than me.

I think that pretty much sums it all up, I should probably leave some things for the blog posts.


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