Autumn is here

Tough Choices Deer or Horse scarf?

Tough Choices
Deer or Horse scarf?

It’s September, and that typically means colder weather, warmer clothes, comfort foods and hot drinks. I LOVE autumn, the colors, the weather (mostly) and definitely the clothes. It’s not quite cold enough to break out the woolies yet, but the cooler mornings have had me reaching for my thin-ish jackets and scarves. And my collection of boots will shortly be making an appearance as well (I freakin’ adore my boots collection).
Today I’m making Scouse for dinner, the ultimate comfort/cold weather food even though it’s not that cold yet. I’ll let you know how it goes, I’ve made enough to eat it all week 😉 At work we have a staff canteen, but from today it will only be open for breakfast and since I NEED a warm meal for lunch I’ve been planning a lot of soups and stews for the next few weeks/months to keep me happy.

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