Homemade Mint Lemonade – Don’t just Pin it, Do it Tuesday

Mint Lemonade recipe
Finally the time has come for Wikkid Woman’s inaugural “Don’t Just Pin it, Do it Tuesday”. I thought long and hard about which of my pinterest inspired makes would make it’s appearance here, and I actually had something completely different written up and ready to go, but then pinspiration inspiration struck, and here we are with a brand new make and brand new post.

Most of what I pin and do on Pinterest is craft/diy related, so it’s something of a surprise to me that the first thing I share with you all is a recipe. For a drink. But not an alcoholic one, although I suppose you could easily make it alcoholic. Yes, I’m definitely going to try to add something a bit naughty to it soon.

For today though I present the entirely innocent and thirst quenching Mint Lemonade .

Tangy and refreshing

Tangy and refreshing

I first tried and became addicted to mint lemonade when hubs and I were living in Abu Dhabi. I imagine every single cafe there must sell them, it’s very much a Middle Eastern thing, but sadly I haven’t come across it in the UK (although I imagine they would have it at Lebanese or other Middle Eastern restaurants, I just haven’t looked). A while back I looked for recipes for it on pinterest, but they all looked so time consuming and complicated so I just kept putting it off. Which brings us to this morning when I was at the shop and found a couple of nets of lemons in the reduced section, of course that old hankering for mint lemonade resurfaced.

Once I got home with my lemons and a couple of bunches of mint I looked up my food filled pinterest board, the aptly named Yummy Yummy

Let me just say, there is a lot of unhealthy (but oh so yummy looking) food there.

I decided to combine two recipes for the lemonade, as there where things I liked about both. These are the two recipes I used
Freshly Minted Lemonade @ The Runaway Spoon and Mint-Lemonade @ Taste of Beirut.
The first recipe tells you to infuse your syrup with lemon peel and mint, which sounded like it would add wonderful flavour, so I certainly wanted to do that. This lemonade did not have a lot of mint in it though, mostly it look like normal lemonade with a little bit of mint in it, while the mint lemonade I was used to was decidedly more green in colour. Enter recipe two, definitely more green and minty. I also preferred the sugar to water ratio in recipe two, with was 1:2 as opposed to 1:1 in the first recipe. Does all that sound a little confusing? Fear not, here is the recipe the way I made it.

6 Lemons (these game me 14 1/2 tbsp of juice)
8 tbsp of Granulated Sugar
16 tbsp of water
30 g of fresh mint
700-800ml of water (for diluting)

1. First I peeled one of the lemons and chopped up about 4 springs of mint. I then added the sugar and the 16 tbsp of water to a pan and brought it to the boil, adding the lemon peel and chopped mint. Make sure to stir so the sugar dissolves, once it is completely dissolved you can take the pan of the heat. Set it aside to cool and let the lemon and mint infuse into the syrup.

Time to let the mint and lemon infuse

Time to let the mint and lemon infuse

2. Juice your lemons. I rolled them on my cutting board, pressing down. You just cut the lemon in half, hold it in one hand, push the fork into the center and twist. You do end up with a lot of pulp and seeds this way, but they are easy enough to strain away later.

Lemon Juice and Mint, ready for action

Lemon Juice and Mint, ready for action

3. I then strained the juice into my blender and then the syrup (make sure to really squeeze the juice out of the mint leaves and lemon peel from the syrup.). I then added the rest of my mint leaves and about 300 ml of water. Let the blender run until the mint is all chopped up and then add more water until you get the taste you want. If you plan on serving over ice you don’t have to dilute completely as the ice will help with this as well.

About to add some more mint to the mix

About to add some more mint to the mix

Once you are happy with your lemonade it’s ready to serve, pour into the eagerly waiting glasses or a jug so people can help themselves.

Mint Lemonade - Ready to drink

Mint Lemonade – Ready to drink

I hope I’ve tempted you to try some yourself, you won’t be disappointed. And I found a great tip over at Kitchn for how to cut the prep time a little; just make up a big batch of the syrup (sugar and water) as it will keep in the fridge for a long time.

I’m sharing this post over at The Winthrop Chronicles Share it Link Party #125, why don’t you head on over there to see what everyone else have been doing.


Blouse to Kimono DIY

Blouse to Kimono DIY

Blouse to Kimono DIY

I LOVE the kimono style jackets that are so on trend right now, in fact I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to them.

Unfortunately I rarely find any kimonos I like in the actual shops, so most of my time is spent drooling over ones I can’t even get my hands on, so sad 😦

So what’s a girl to do if she can’t get a hold of the clothes she wants? Well she could try to make them. Sewing a garment from scratch is still pretty daunting to me though, instead I thought I’d refashion a top I bought a couple of years ago. I love the top, it’s got a great print and the fabric is lovely, but it doesn’t fit comfortably anymore (my yo-yo weightloss/gain is ridiculous), so it was either give it away or refashion it into something useable.

A lovely top even before the refashion

Shows the great draping, but lighting is not so great

A lovely top even before the refashion

Better lighting, shows the great colors and print

It was a fairly easy refashion, the V-neck of the blouse had 3 buttons at the bottom, so after unbuttoning I just cut the fabric straight down from the V. I then ironed the hems on each side and got my machine out to sew the hems.

Can I just take a minute to apologise to my poor abused sewing machine, it rarely gets used and is really dusty, I definitely need to treat her better and I promise I will. Also I will make sure I never yell at her again when I’m the one who threaded it wrong 😦

But yeah, after running the hems through the machine I was done, it was that simple. I didn’t manage to get a good picture of me wearing it though, I’m not very good at selfies.

Refashion Complete

Again a great picture to showcase the draping

Refashion Complete

but this one shows the color so much better

I’ll try to get some nice pictures of me wearing it soon, hubs can play paparazzi 🙂

If you want to see some amazing kimonos, check out my Kimono inspiration board on Pinterest

Has anyone else tried a kimono refashion, or even made one from scratch? I’d love to see them!

Addiction – Pin Pin Pin

Hi, my name is Line and I’m an addict, a Pinterest addict.

I currently have 72 boards, and about 1400 pins, and the numbers are constantly growing. There are boards and pins for great make-up, domestic cleaning advice, food, sewing, decorating, you name it, it’s there. I can’t just pin one thing, if I open the app I end up spending hours there browsing and pinning, it’s truly addictive.

I’d say that 95% of my pins get pinned and then never seen again, at least not by me. I’ve used some of the pins for my crafting, cooking, diy etc. but not as many as I’d like to.

It’s a shame really, because there are some really great things on my boards, which is why I’ve decided to make more of an effort to utilize them.

Which brings me to “Don’t Just Pin It, Do It- Tuesdays”, where every Tuesday I will showcase a pin I’ve tried out, the good, the bad, the incredibly disastrous. Hopefully it will be mostly good though, fingers crossed.

In the mean time here is a small sampling of my favorite boards, and if you see anything you think I should do, please let me know in the comments.